Aktor index

What is it?

The Aktor Index is a tool set up by Aktor Interactive in October 2014 that identifies and studies the medias (job boards or social networks) used by large French and international companies for their recruitment in France.

For this purpose, we have 15 entreprises which are part of the CAC 40 and/or that create the most job opportunities in France, according to les500.fr. We deliberately chose companies working in different sectors to have a representative sample of the French economy.

Every other week, we note the number of job ads for each of these companies on the two major job boards in France (Monster.fr and Cadremploi) and on the two professional social network (Viadeo and LinkedIn). In a similar way, we also note the number of live job ads on the career sites of these companies.

The data collected and compared lets us study the job ad publication practices of these companies and more to the point it helps us have an idea of the current recruitment market trends and their development.


The chosen media

ok monsterok cadremploiok linkedinok viadeo


The selected companies

ok airbusok amazonok auchanok axaok bnp ok carrefourok edfok lorealok mcdook onetok o2ok safranok sanofiok sopraok total

The results

The total number of job ads published by the 15 selected companies on the 4 job boards, by period

Please note...

The periods correspond to different dates of measurement; roughly every 2 weeks.

Like this:

T1 08/10/2014 T11 05/03/2015 T21 29/07/2015
T2 30/10/2014 T12 19/03/2015 T22 13/08/2015
T3 10/11/2014 T13 02/04/2015 T23 18/11/2015
T4 27/11/2014 T14 21/04/2015 T24 02/12/2015
T5 08/12/2014 T15 07/05/2015 T25 15/12/2015
T6 23/12/2014 T16 22/05/2015 T26 11/01/2016
T7 06/01/2015 T17 05/06/2015 T27 26/01/2016
T8 22/01/2015 T18 19/06/2015
T9 03/02/2015 T19 03/07/2015
T10 18/02/2015 T20 20/07/2015


1. Overview

The number of job ads per company and per media, between October 2014 and January 2016

Please note...

During our study, LinkedIn changed its strategy by directly withdrawing the job ads from clients’ career websites; leading to a surprisingly large number of ads recorded in our 3rd period (start of November 2014).

4. What is the correlation between the ads on the career sites and the ads published on the medias?

The percentage of ads from career sites which are published on other forms of media

Please note...

When the rate goes above 100%, like in the case of Amazon and Airbus, this means that the same ad is published on multiple medias (outside of the career website). There is therefore a strong need to emphasize the job ads.

It should be noted that there was a change at Airbus during this period; until the end of March 2015, the percentage of job boards/ads on the career website was very low. Since April 2015, this rate has increased dramatically. Part of this increase could be linked with the ‘withdrawal’ of ads on LinkedIn. Furthermore, this gap is also due to LinkedIn taking into account the ads from Airbus branches, whereas we don’t consider them as career sites.

Reasons why the rate is low:

  • The companies are only putting the ads on their own career sites and so only going on their brands notoriety (eg. L'Oréal)
  • The jobs are technical and are therefore published on specialized medias (eg. Safran)
  • The jobs are low skilled and are therefore published on other forms of media like Pôle Emploi or Indeed (eg. Carrefour, EDF, Auchan…)

2. Which media is the most used?

When it comes to the distribution of different medias for publishing job ads, all companies find themselves unsure about the decision.

5. Who uses each media the most?

The top 3 biggest users of each media

3. How many ads do these companies have on their career websites

The number of published job ads by companies on their own career websites.

Pleasse note...

The number of job ads on the different career sites only started to be recorded in T2.

EDF: Their new career website now brings together new bodies and therefore offers more ads (you can see the number of ads has doubled (Dalkia France / Verdesis Tiru : Who today represents 219 ads)..

Indeed today the number of available ads tends to return to its normal level (<800).

6. Which companies publish the most ads (including all forms of media)? And which ones publish the fewest?


1. McDonald’s

The majority of job ads on their career site are positions to work in the restaurants, the jobs are low skilled and do not match with the profiles that consult our selected job boards.

Where are these ads? According to a Google search, they are:

  • On their career site
  • On Indeed
  • On Pôle Emploi
  • On Jobétudiant.net

Furthermore, McDonald’s uses other methods to promote their job opportunities, for example on TV adverts.

>2. O2

They publish more and more ads on their career site but fewer on the selected media.

At the last measurement, some management positions were published on CadrEmploi and Viadéo.

Where are these ads? According to a Google search, they are:

  • On a specialized job board for personal services: Aladom.fr
  • On Indeed / Jobijoba

You are interested by these results? For more information, don't hesitate to contact us!


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