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Aktor has revolutionized the job board market while launching Jobboard Finder the world’s largest job board encyclopedia! is a free service that helps recruiters to identify the best recruitment media which are suitable to their e-recruitment strategy and job seekers to find the best job sites according to their job search.

Recruiters: optimize your e-recruitment budget

Thanks to Jobboard Finder recruiters can search in the database gathering more than 800 job boards and compare them. The comparison tool and the audience figures provided by comScore, a global leader in digital measurement and analytics, makes Jobboard Finder an essential tool for the e-recruitment market. In just a few clicks and in real time, recruiters know easily which media best meets their needs.

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Job boards: join the best job sites index in the world

The registration is free of charge for job boards. They transmit to our services their key information such as their audience, their different products, their strategic positioning and the contact details. Jobboard Finder is a unique and very cost-effective way for media to communicate on their online recruitment products at a worldwide scale.

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Job seekers: simplify your job search process

Job seekers can look for the best job boards in their own country and overseas, on which they can discover new opportunities for their career.

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Everything is easy and free

With a free account, you can access to a variety of detailed information to make your decision-making more easily: audience figures, geographic breakdown, CV database statistics, rates card, contact details… More helpful features are available when logged-on. For example, you can share your user experience about job boards or use the comparison tool to compare several job sites.



The encyclopedia gathers more than 950 job boards worldwide.

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